On the 6th November 2014, Simon Turnbull was in the company of his wife, Hiromi, when he left his body suddenly and without pain.

Simon has been a charismatic and passionate presence in the psychic industry since 1975 when he demonstrated psychometry on The Mike Walsh Show.

Simon's desire to understand invisible connections led him on many grand adventures into the intuitive realms and he is respected internationally as a master of the psychic arts. His external life mirrored his internal quest, and it is his ability for making genuine and profound connections with the people he encountered that many view as his greatest legacy. Simon's work with Uri Geller and the International Remote Viewing Association show the breadth of these links. The depth of these links is clearly evidenced by the spiritual family he brought together through the Australian Psychics Association that he co-founded in 1983. This family naturally evolved to become the International Psychics Association in the year before his passing.

More than most, Simon saw and knew the truth of Nietzsche's observation that invisible threads are the strongest ties. His legacy will be continued through such ties by those he inspired to his vision for an ongoing global discussion and celebration of metaphysics.
Simon Turnbull
Radio 2SM 1999
Simon Turnbull
At the Australian Psychics Association
30th Anniversary Celebration

Funeral Notice

Simon will be dearly missed his wife Hiromi and their two daughters Marika and Karina, along with his four older children Simone, Peter, Christian and Rebecca. His memory will be cherished by his siblings Guy, Lizzie, Sam and by his ten grandchildren. He will be remembered by family and friends at the Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium at 1pm on Monday the 17th November 2014.

In lieu of flowers, a trust fund has been set up for Simon's daughters Marika and Karina. Contributions may be made via paypal:

Simon Turnbull Dawn Hill
Simon Turnbull with Dawn Hill
at Radio 2SER-FM
in 1982

Simon has already brought much of the 2015 International Psychics Directory together and it will be published with a section dedicated to him. We are inviting photographs and tributes for inclusion to be emailed to: 2015@psychicdirectory.com.au
Simon Turnbull
2004 Psychic Awards Dinner