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Psychic of the Year Awards

Victor Zammit receiving the
Simon Turnbull Award

Psychics Directory

Rethink the Possible

your complete psychic guide

Inside this edition

Creative Intuition
Master the art of better tomorrows with Suzie Price

Uri Geller Unclassified
We talk to Uri about being tested by SRI, mental powers and the importance of spirituality

Tour de Trance
Journey to Brazil for Miracle Healings
with John of God and
Elisabeth Jensen

Simon Turnbull:
Customs, Superstar,
Rings and Psychic Things

Victor Zammit
A legal eagle's case for the Afterlife

Mitchell Coombes
Tune with the Moon

Let's Get Psychical
Psychic Muscle Building with
Michelle and Ezio De Angelis

Be your own Psychic
7 Keys to Awakening
Coffee Cup Reading
Finger Print Readings
Dowsing for Divination

Traditional Turkish Coffee Readings
in the Grains of the Coffee Pot
Deniz Batuk reads
the days of our lives ...

Psychic Message or
Personal Thought

Know the difference with Sara King
2015 Australian Psychic of the Year

Better Belief It
Mind Matters with Linet Amalie

Feeling Psychic?
Francis Bevan says 'Run with it'

Your Psychic Guide to 2016
Numerology, Astrology, Predictions
and more.

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